Is she ready to spend hours together without her mommy?Will she throw a temper tantrum?Is she going to enjoy her school?How long will it take for her to get accustomed to school?And many such questions might haunt you as your child begins her first big step towards schooling.While there is no substitute to reduce your anxiety, we can certainly help our bit with a few tips on choosing the best nursery in Dubai.

Qualified Staff
Begin from the basics.The credentials and qualifications of the teacher, the size of the support staff, the credibility of the management and the attitude towards teaching.It all makes a big difference.Remember, every child is unique in their own way. While some are gifted with talents beyond explanation, some might need special attentionbut both need care in their own different ways and the staff should be qualified to handle the same.

Infrastructure and Facilities
Is it spacious enough?How hygienic is the place?Is the ambience safe for your child?How creative is the utilization of the space?What are the activities and facilities the school has to offer?Lastly, does it all add up to create a happy environment? The best way to figure it out is to visit the nursery, watch the children in actionand find the answer yourself because children cannot fake emotions.

Understand the Curriculum
Nobody knows your child like you do.So, do read the curriculum carefully, check if it’s creative and interactive to get your child involved in developing skills; social, emotive and cognitive.Ask if the nursery has parameters of assessment, how rigorous are these assessments? Howdo they improveto achieve the child’s development goals? Don’t fall for the theoretic explanation. Delve further and try to understand if these assessmentsare proven and trusted, even better if it has achieved some sort of recognition or maybe an award.

Check the Size of the Class
Every child is unique and has different learning and grasping capabilities.To instil self-confidence, it is imperative that every child receives the individual attention of their teacher.Choose a nursery in Dubai that has a reasonable teacher to child ratio.

Holistic Learning
It’s not about the math or science.It’s all about creating experiences that prepare your child for the future ahead.Prefer a nursery that introduces your child to the subjects of life, be it arts, sports or common sense.Most importantly, ensure all of it happens in a playful environment.

Awards, Recognition, Certification
No matter what anyone says, these do matter, for the simple reason it validates the school’s impulse to achieve excellence.

Word of Mouth
Don’t fall for the words, not even the one you are reading right now.Go ahead and do your own research.Talk to your friends and relatives who have children studying in preschools in Dubai.Understand, ask for reviews, analyse and then come up with your own conclusion.

A nursery chain with branches
A new job, an unexpected promotion, or even a new home.You are never in control of surprises in your life.But don’t let that affect your child’s learning.Choose a reputed nursery chain in UAE that has branches spread across the country to ease your transition.

Brands aren’t built overnight and reputation is a sign of acceptance and excellence.Shortlist your choice of branded nurseries in Dubai, research about them, check their philosophy, objectives, community engagements and CSR activities. These qualities often define a brand. Choosing a branded nursery in Dubai will instantly put you at ease considering your child will be in safe hands.

Believe your intuition
Sometimes, it all boils down to your gut feeling when you are presented with a challenge to make a choice.Visit preschools in Dubai personally, gauge your instincts, feel the vibes, sense if your child belongs there and make the right choice.
There are numerous reputed nurseries in Dubai and whole of UAE for you to choose from.British Orchard Nursery is one among them and is recognized as one of the largest chains of nurseries in UAE and the first one to be ISO Certified.

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