At British Orchard Nursery, we believe that every part of your child’s development is important, including his or her physical development. That is why the creative minds at BON created GymJuniorz, the first indoor gym program for preschool aged children in the UAE. This program includes an extensive gym and fitness plan to engage your child in varied physical activities designed to improve their strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. In addition to these skills, the GymJuniorz program also affords further opportunities to improve valued social skills, including learning how to communicate with both other children and adults and how to engage in teamwork. They also learn skills like listening and following directions, being respectful to others and taking turns. The practices and habits learned during this revolutionary program will help your child stay active and healthy into adolescence and adulthood by teaching the importance of fitness and will also allow children to foster valuable and healthy social skills they can use in the future.

Our goal at GymJuniorz is to coach gymnastics and fitness programs to children in a safe and fun environment. We aim to improve every child’s strength, flexibility, agility and coordination as well as boosting their self-confidence and body awareness. In every class, the children will vary considerably in their ability. The coach and gym assistant will not expect all children to carry out activities in the same manner or at the same level of skill.

We believe it is important to allow children plenty of freedom to explore and challenge themselves mentally and physically in a task. All children will be accepted and recognized as making their own unique contribution. We want to see every child enjoying our classes and improving their health and skills through physical activity

At GymJuniorz, we will ensure your child:

  • Starts to develop an independent enthusiasm for physical activity
  • Demonstrates enjoyment and confidence when engaging in physical activity
  • Furthers his or her development of appropriate posture
  • Provides for and build on natural flexibility
  • Develops an increasing ability to transport own body weight
  • Develops an understanding of the need to engage in pulse-raising activities
  • Develops the experience of a variety of controlled speed locomotion exercises
  • Develops the ability to recognize the effects of physical activity on the body
  • Develops good hygiene habits

Each GymJuniorz class is 1 hour long and includes:

  • A Warm up and stretch to improve flexibility and prevent injury
  • An Aerobic workout to music to improve fitness and coordination
  • A gymnastic skill session which varies depending on class age and skill level
  • A fitness circuit to improve balance, strength, and confidence
  • Time to explore and choose the equipment they want to use as well as working with coaches 1:1
  • Free time for the children to interact with each other to have fun and make friends