What curriculum do you follow at your nursery?

We follow the EYFS curriculum and adhere to the guidelines set by OFSTED, which is the British regulatory body for schools and daycare in the UK. The curriculum's intention is to ensure that every child is considered a competent learner, from birth and with the nurturing support of adults they can become resilient, capable and self-assured.

What is the maximum number of children allocated to a classroom for my child's age group?

The maximum amount of children for each age group varies upon the age of your child due to the level of attention that they require. For example a child of six months will require a lot more care compared to a child of four years. The class sizes vary from 10 children to 18 with three adults per class.

When selecting your staff, what criteria is important?

The process of selecting staff here at British Orchard Nursery is very important to us; command of the British language is paramount as well as educational background. Many of our staff have Degrees in fields such as Early Years, Special Educational needs, and Early Years Physical Development.

Are your teachers appropriately qualified and do they have relevant experience with the age group they are working with?

All staff are appropriately qualified before joining our team here and take part in regular training of up to 20 hours per year on subjects such as but not limited to; special educational needs, health and safety, food hygiene, fire safety, plus educational training.

How many classroom teaching assistants are dedicated to my child's age group?

All classes have one teacher and two teaching assistants at all times throughout the day.

Why choose BON?

British Orchard Nursery is one of the Middle East's first nursery chains to be ISO 9001:2008 quality certified and the most awarded Nursery chain throughout the Middle East. We have has established a tradition of achieving high standards which has helped us develop and grow as a Nursery school. In our special Baseline Report, parents are given periodic updates and reports to help monitor the progression of your child's development and growth, making these records useful on graduation to Primary School.