Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At British Orchard Nursery, we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. British Orchard Nursery gives back to the society through various channels. British Orchard Nursery is the first nursery in UAE to be ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety certified. British Orchard Nursery has also been awarded for its efforts in CSR, receiving the Arabia CSR Award in 2014.

Our aim is to be a role model in 'Giving Back to Society' through profits that are shared with organizations aligned in the cause of helping and educating those in our influence to be productive and responsible citizens who minimize the negative impact on the planet.British Orchard Nursery contributes 1% of its total revenue to the British Orchard Nursery Foundation, supporting underprivileged children, families, and the elderly. British Orchard Nursery also regularly participates in programs that raise awareness for causes in UAE and globally, supporting causes like Autism, Breast Cancer, Education, and many more. We are also advocates for the environment, supporting recycling initiatives and promoting awareness for reduction of consumption of resources in our nurseries and in the community, teaching the next generation to respect and care for our planet. For more information regarding BON's CSR Policies and programs we support, please contact your branch.

CSR Vision

To be a proud member of our community; working closely with our stakeholders we seek to maintain quality, best value and good outcomes for children, through effective leadership, management and teaching in all areas; running our business in a sound and sustainable manner.

CSR Mission

British Orchard Nursery sees itself as a part of a larger community and connections to the community are a vital part of the educational philosophy of the school. BON’s CSR strategy seeks to integrate nursery activities into community involvement; customer & employee care whilst demonstrating a responsibility to the environment & future sustainability.

CSR Values/ Principles

At BON we value…

Community Involvement

As a proud member of the community, we seek to:

  • Promote the health and well-being of the families attending the Nursery and the wider community
  • Celebrate national culture and development. To treat everyone as individuals valuing their culture, race, language, gender and ability and effectively challenge discrimination; playing an important, positive role in cultural and creative life.
  • To make provision for children with special educational needs in accordance with the SEND code of practice
  • Offer KHDA approved internationally recognised CACHE qualifications to the UAE community.

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on our personal approach; working closely with our stakeholders, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations; setting high quality standards for service excellence, innovation and being a leader in nursery education.

Ethical Conduct

We promote equal opportunities for all and understand that each individual is unique

  • Giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential,
  • Eliminate discrimination in the planning and delivery of our services in terms of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, health, and income status
  • Promoting good relations between communities and address negative stereotyping of any groups; striving to offer a service promoting honesty, integrity & respect for all our stakeholders.

Employee Care

We seek to maintain a healthy work environment by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, providing opportunities for a fulfilling and rewarding career through the British Orchard Training Academy (BCO), offering KHDA approved internationally recognised CACHE qualifications.

Environment & Sustainability

Demonstrate a commitment to running our business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We strive to ensure we are implementing best practice policies to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint & water/electrical consumption, ensuring our processes have minimal adverse environmental impact.

CSR - Strategy & Objectives 2016-2017

British Orchard Nursery’s CSR related strategic objectives & programs:

Focus Area

Strategic Objective

Initiative/ Program

Measurement (Sample)


·   Prevent pollution

·   Efficient use of energy, water and raw materials

·   Disposal of waste in environmentally friendly manner

·   Recycling of water, used cartridges, papers and cans


·   Received ISO: 14001:2004 certification in 2015

·   Members of Emirates Environment Group (EEG)

·   Many recycling  programs (water/paper/bottles/ cardboards / cans for artwork & junk modeling in class

·   Using old tires for Garden

·   Celebrate Earth Hour

·   Collecting & Storing Rain water to reuse for cleaning buses and planting

·   Awareness to staff and children on conservation of water and electricity

Perception measure

·   Through customer surveys

·   Through supplier surveys

·   Through society surveys


·   Utilities consumption (water, electricity)

·   Recycling – paper, Plastics

·   Participation in environment events

Health & Safety

·   Healthy and safe work environment for our employees, visitors, contractors.


·   Received ISO 18001:2008  for OHSAS in 2015

·   Implement Fire Drill

·   Stair Case Policy

·   Daily/Weekly Risk Assessment

·   CCTV monitoring and shared access to Parents

·   Fruit & Vegetable Day

·   Regular Doctor’s Visits

·   Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Perception measure

·   Through Employee Survey

·   Through Parent Survey


·   Daily/Weekly Risk Assessment

·   Incidents & Accident report

·   Internal & external audit findings

Brand Image

·   Build & enhance British Orchard Nursery’s brand equity


·   Promotion on Radio

·   Promotion through Paper Adverts

·   Promotions through Digital Newsletters

·   Increased use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) for promotion

·   Public relation awareness on BON’s awards & CSR programs.

·   BON’s website

Perception measure

·   Through Parents Tour Feedback


·   Increase brand visibility on Social Media

·   Measure effectiveness of media coverage

·   Apply for more awards.

Ethical company

Compliance to legal & other applicable regulations

·   Respect and comply laws of UAE.

·   Ethical operations

·   Build & enhance British Orchard Nursery’s brand equity

·   Proactive engagement with Regulatory agencies.

·   Re-certification in 2015 of ISO 9001:2008 & improvement of Quality guidelines. Currently revising policies for upgrade to ISO 9001:2015

·   Implementation & ongoing use of EFQM model & Balance Score Cards (BSC).

·   External auditors assessing BON’s governance during award applications.

·   Meetings with municipality officials.

·   Policies & Procedures for Employee and Customer wellbeing.

·   Code of Ethics Policy & Procedure in place.

·   Regular Meetings with Suppliers, Partners and other stakeholders

·   Involvement of staff and stakeholders in decision making.

·   Regular Internal and External audits.

Perception measure

·   Through Employee Survey

·   Through Customer Survey

·   Through Supplier Survey

·   Through Partner Survey

·   Through Society Survey



·   Internal and external audit findings

·   Complaints

·   Feedback & Suggestions.

·   Action plans on assessor’s feedback.

Community Development

·   To be a positive and productive member of the community as a business, as an employer and as a corporate citizen

·   Support the extended communities internationally

·   Proactive engagement with professional NGOs.



·   CSR Vision, Mission & policy revisited.

·   U.A.E’s 1st in-depth Arabic curriculum for the early years in line with international practice.

·   1% of total revenue goes for Charity.

·   Participated in Dubai Cares Walk for Education.

·   Staff participation during Breast cancer awareness week and marathon.

·   Actively involved in Sharing Fridges  and food donations as a Ramadan initiative.

·   Supporting WWF and UNESCO.

·   Provide space to conduct Indian Community Programs

·   Supports Dubai Cares, Red Crescent, Posh Paws, Rashid center for Disabled, and many other charitable trusts in UAE and other part of World

Perception measure

·   Through surveys

·   Feedback from agencies.

·   Appreciation letters


·   Financial support to charities Budget vs. actual

·   BSC KPI check for each branch.

·   Media coverage

·   Invite Parents to participate in Events

·   Arabic baseline assessments & progress reports for parents

Communication with wider community

·   Encourage participation, consultation and involvement with wider community to improve performance and image.

·   Share Best Practices


·   Sharing best practices

·   Increased KPIs on social targets through Balance Score Card (BSC).

·   Regular Coffee Morning sessions with Parents

·   Create awareness amongst parents for Special Needs Care – recruitment of SENCo to work towards becoming an Inclusive nursery.

·   Large scale advertising campaign for 10th year anniversary celebration using digital plaforms.

·   Sharing Child Development reports with Parents

Perception measure:

·   Feedback from Parents

·   Letters/e-mails from Parents

·   Parent Comment Book


·   No. of parent comments

·   No. of best practices shared with community

·   No. of coffee morning workshops hosted/ participated.

·   KPI achievements through BSC MIS.