Preparing Preschoolers for Next Year: 4 Ways to Make Change Less Scary

The end of the preschool year provides us with another teaching opportunity. They say that change is scary and I cannot help but wonder if some of our fears come from the ways in which we were (or weren't) transitioned in the early childhood years. The students in our preschools become so comfortable with their environment. They get used to seeing the same teachers and classmates.

Your Preschooler and Bedtime

Wondering how to get your three, four or five year old into bed -- and how to get him to stay there all night? You're not alone! I hear from parents all the time about their preschoolers falling asleep on the couch or in front of the TV, anywhere but their own beds.

Some people think that preschoolers should be able to put themselves to bed, and maybe there are some four year olds, somewhere, who do. But 99% of kids five and under need a couple hours of calming downtime that includes dinner at home, and then a full-blown bedtime routine, with storytime and snuggling, in order to fall asleep easily at night.

Keep Calm and Play On

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This is a fast time of year that can be as fun as it is draining, especially for little ones. While the long train of recitals, concerts, and parties is exciting and festive, the rush of the season can also start to feel overwhelming. With that in mind, I've been experimenting with activities that give my daughter some downtime. One of our favorites lately is a sort of bento box where I pull together a few different arts and crafts materials. And then I just let her go to it . . .

Fun Summer Activities

Have you started planning for summer yet? Whether you're looking for lesson plan ideas or fun things to do with your own children, here are some amazing ideas that I've been collecting:

It's no coincidence that all of these are outdoor ideas - we had a hint of beautiful summer weather for about a week in April, and ever since then it's been rainy and chilly. I'm ready for sunshine and grass between my toes - I think everyone is! If you're still looking for more summer ideas make sure to check out my